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Phoenix New Jersey Band
The Jersey Bands
Boothill New Jersey Band
Simple Groove New Jersey Band
Walnut Street New Jersey Band
Simple Groove
Classic and Modern Rock Covers

Simple Groove offers a diverse rock musical
repertoire including songs from  artists such as Buck
Cherry, Evanescense, Ozzy Osborne & Pat Benetar.

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Classic & Contemporary Rock Covers

Rock from the 60s through today.

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Walnut Street
Classic Rock Covers

"Talkin' 'bout rock 'n roll're gonna like it."

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Classic Rock Covers

Playing the best in classic rock!

Rock Covers

"From the ashes rises NJ's hottest cover band."
Music from the 50s through today.

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Classic Rock, 80s Rock & Country Rock Covers

Jersey's Good-Time Band, rockin' the dance floor
all night long with hits fromthe  early 60s through

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Boothill Express  
Southern Rock Covers    

The Jersey Shore Guitar Army, playing the great
southern rock classics.

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Kickback New Jersey Band
9 South New Jersey Band
SunDog New Jersey Band
Southern Steel New Jersey Band
Southern Steel Band     
Southern Rock Covers                              

Performing faithful tributes to all of the legendary
southern rock bands.

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Ryptyde New Jersey Band
Rock Covers

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Astronaut Jones New Jersey Band
Astronaut Jones
Acoustic Rock Covers & Originals

Performing his originals and a select group of
covers ‘his way’, Astronaut Jones has been playing
solo in the NY/NJ area since 2004.

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Twitch New Jersey Band
Classic, Hard, & Progressive Rock Covers

Covering well known classic, hard and progressive rock.

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60s New Jersey Band
Strictly 60s
Classic Rock Covers

For a high energy, "take me back ", fun for
everyone day or night, Strictly 60's is your band!!!

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Panic New Jersey Band
The Panic
Classic Rock Covers

New Jersey's Premier Classic Rock Band

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